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New website, new products, new everything. Almost. The one thing that’s staying put is our team. Time after time, you tell us how much you value their service, expertise and all-round niceness. And brilliant products or not, we’re nothing without our people.

meet the team
Alvin Clarke Sales Team Leader

Favourite food and Drink:  Macaroni Cheese and Cognac (not necessarily at the same time!)

Favourite colour:  Green

Best bit about Penstripe:  Working with a team that is empowered to do whatever it takes to achieve the company’s goals

Hidden talent:  Not sure that I’ve found it yet!


Lucy Hickey Customer support - Project manager

Likes: Sunshine

Dislikes:  Coffee & tomatoes

In my own words:  Cheerful

Favourite food:  Ice Cream

Favourite place:  The beach (especially when the beach is in Australia) 


Samuel Fry Sales - Personal account manager

Likes:  Dominoes pizza.

Dislikes:  Politics.

In my own words:  Funny, loyal, a good mate.

Favourite Food:  Thai

Favourite Drink:  Estrella Galicia

Hidden talent:  Professional Golfer – never been given the chance! 


Robert Anderson Operations Director

Dislikes:  People who drive too slowly in the fast lane and cold food.

Favourite food:  Spicy Indian and Bangladeshi

Best bit about Penstripe:  We are a pioneering team - not afraid to try new things or move with the times

Hidden talent:  I can cook. I make delicious omelettes even though I don’t really like eggs!


Bruce Harmer Customer support - Project manager

Outside of work I enjoy:  Being with the family and enjoying being in the open air

Favourite food:  Curry

Favourite place:  The Yorkshire Dales

Best bit about Penstripe:  Working with a team of great people who enjoy good humoured banter


Chris Anderson Sales Director

Likes:  Challenges - particularly practical ones, playing music, good food  

Dislikes:  Losing things – both games and my hairbrush!

FavouriteFood:  Eton mess     

Favourite Drink:  Cognac

Best bit about Penstripe:  Things keep changing!

Hidden talent:  Standing vertical jump

Richard Thorley Production - Post Press

Like:  Football and rugby league

Dislike:  Anything Red!

Describe yourself in your own words:  Caring, considerate and fast

Favourite food:  Fillet Steak

Favourite drink:  Fosters Gold

Hidden talent:  Fastest man at Penstripe!


Darren Anderson Managing Director

Likes:  Creative design and premium quality

Dislikes:  Being late, clutter, meetings without a clear objective or actions

In my own words:  Unassuming, deep thinker, driver

Favourite colour:  Yellow

Best bit about Penstripe:  Our ability to pull off the seemingly impossible – every time!

Charles Hewines Head Of Procurement

In my own words:  On the go full time!

Favourite food or drink:  Nando’s & decent ale

Favourite place:  Mountain Sanctuary, South Africa

Hidden talent:  BBQ’ing!


Graham Oliver Business Development Manager

One thing I enjoy doing outside of work:  Mowing the lawn and making sure the lines are ruler straight

Favourite food:  Indian

Favourite colour:  Lime green

Best bit about Penstripe:  The fact that there is always something new and exciting happening!


Tom Moore Sales - Personal account manager

Likes:  Eating out

Dislikes:  People who drive in the middle lane of the motorway

In my own words:  Fun, easy going, good humoured and a good listener

Favourite food or drink:  Steak and Chips

Favourite place:  Majorca


Matthew Surtees Production team Leader

My job in my own words:  I’m a go-between, liaising with the production team members and senior management, aiming to keep everybody happy.

Likes:  Overseas travel and experiencing different cultures

Favourite food:  Italian food

Favourite Drink:  Mellow red wine – Chilean often seems to be good

Favourite place:  Any cave or cavern with awesome rock formations.


Richard Beaumont Customer support - Accounts

My job in your own words:  I keep the book work up-to-date so that customers pay their invoices and suppliers are paid on time

Outside of work I enjoy:  Helping others

Favourite colour:  All the colours in the ‘bow in the clouds’ are amazing

Best bit about Penstripe:  Making customers happy and resolving problems


Monica Dowding Sales Admin & Accounts

My job in my own words:  I do whatever’s needed to help the sales team. Admin, invoicing and more…

Describe yourself in your own words:  A perfectionist

Favourite Food:  Got to be chocolate!


Chris Hopkinson Customer Support Team Leader

Likes:  Working with a mixture of both creativity and detail

Dislikes:  Motorists who change lane without indicating

Favourite place:  The Lake District – on the fells - the quieter and more remote the better

Best bit about Penstripe:  Working for a company with strong ethical values

Hidden talent:  I’ve built a number of dry-stone walls (and most of them are still standing)

Chris Harper Production - Post Press & Despatch

Likes:  Football, tennis, eating out.

Dislikes:  Liverpool FC, losing

In my own words:  Laid back, committed, shy

Favourite place:  Goodison Park, Canadian Rockies

Best bit about Penstripe:  The challenges that are presented every summer, when we produce all the school’s planners


Olaf Surtees Marketing

Likes:  Hill walking

Dislikes:  Shopping

Favourite food:  Chicken Tikka Masala

Favourite place:  In the lounge in front of a log fire

Hidden talent:  Jam making